Meridian Studios has been volunteering the Selfy Stand to non profit events. Click HERE  to see the images.

Selfy Stand.jpg

     The Selfy Stand

The Selfy Stand is a modern take on the photo-booths of yester-year.

The open-air design allows for one up to a dozen or more people to be in the photograph.

The images are uploaded to the web where your guest may down load the images for free or have image printed for a small fee.

The Selfy Stand does not require much room, in the past I have set up next to the dance floor, outside or in the foyer. Your guests are going to love this.

The Selfy Stand requires access to power. It can be set up outside, providing there is no wind or rain.

If you are interested in a traditional Photo Booth then you will want to talk to Photo Booth King. Founded in 1971 they area leader in the Photo Booth industry.  (612) 927-9356


(612) 867-1229                                                                 

Selfy Stand Out Doors.jpg

Out Door

The image to theleft is from a wedding at Hope Glen Farm wedding Venue.  We had good weather so we set up outside.

Guest see themselves in the monitor so thy can do a formal or fun pose. Next thy step on the foot switch that starts the 2 second self timer. 

One the image has been captured it is displayed on the monitor.  This lets you guest decide if thy would like to retake the images. 

Because we are not printing images you guest may take as many images as thy like. 

(612) 867-1229