White Dove Albums

              Susan Gallagher

              Susan Gallagher

I am excited to have met Susan Gallagher, a phenomenal Graphic Designer who will complete your story with her exceptional skill and talent.  Susan fell in love with the wedding industry and created White Dove Albums as a way to allow everyone the opportunity to have an amazing wedding album.
In the past, I designed and fulfilled the albums myself. After meeting Susan I decided to reduce my package prices, allowing you to use the money you save and work directly with Susan. I will send Susan a copy of your images and from there, you and Susan can pick the album and options you like the best.  I am a big believer in albums, however if you want to keep the savings and forgo an album that is always your choice.  Either way, all of the wedding packages include the "copyright release" so you will always have the images.

Lets take a look at some of the options.

Classic Leather-Bound Album

leather album.jpg


1. Our most popular album cover is our classic leather-bound album, with the option of a cut-out window and/or embossing.

2.    We offer a variety of gorgeous high-end genuine Italian leather in a variety of natural, inspiring tones. They have a very soft rich matte finish, except for Cowboy Black and Chestnut, which are slightly distressed and have a bit of a sheen.

3.    We also offer a “vegan” leather, which is indistinguishable from pricier high-end genuine leather.

Love Story Album (Photo-Wrap Cover)

Love Story Album

Love Story Album

1.   The photo-wrap cover, referred to as the Love Story Album, is another favorite!         

2.   It features a smooth, sophisticated matte photo finish that wraps around from front to back.

3.   It is treated to avoid fingerprints.

4.   Photo-wrap wedding albums make a dramatic statement and give you the option to showcase your best photos in a creative way on the cover.

Photo-Panel, Linen, Silk and Acrylic Covers

Photo Panel

Acrylic Cover.jpg


  1. Featuring a fabulous photo next to the warmth and richness of a leather spine and back.
  2. The Photo Panel wedding album is an all-time classic.  This striking option provides a combination of an old-world standard with the crisp, vivid sharpness of your favorite image.  
  3. The photo Panel cover option is 100% custom, so that the leather can wrap as much or as little as you would like across the front.  

Acrylic Cover

Acrylic Cover


  1. Your cover photo is showcased below an acrylic cover that has a softly beveled edge. 
  2. The acrylic cover seamlessly abuts a leather spine and back. 
  3. Always a popular choice, the acrylic cover makes a bold, modern, sophisticated statement.
  4. For the spine and back, choose your favorite vegan or genuine leather.


Linen and Silk

  1. Linen covers are a very popular choice for beach and rustic weddings.
  2. They have a soft, natural feel and make an elegant and subtle statement.
  3. Because of the texture, linen wedding album covers may not be embossed.
  4. Silk covers are a beautiful fabric option as well, and can be embossed upon special request.



Please visit Susan’s website to select your favorite options at